“People may say I can't sing, but no one can ever say I didn't sing.”

― Florence Foster Jenkins

Discover Alexis, the Greek folk composer, known for heartfelt acoustic guitar melodies and award-winning soundtracks. Dive into his soul-stirring music journey!



Alexiswas born on 20 November 1991, is a Greek folk singer and songwriter.His main instrument is the guitar, on which he composes most of his music. He also plays the Bass Guitar, Drums, Baglama, and Electric Guitar. Alexis is known for his acoustic sound and songwriting, which is inspired by his reveries.

His performances have graced illustrious stages including Nakas Conservatory, Lendwirbel Festival (Graz), Fringe Festival (Edinburgh), and Kremlino (Piraeus).Alexis has captivated audiences with his EP, “Alma Mediterranea,” and a collection of four stirring singles.

Among his notable achievements are awards for composing the soundtrack in the UNESCO-recognized film “Honor Crimes,” his musical contributions to this film triumphed at two film festivals, alongside six semifinalist positions and over 20 nominations. Performed in Spianada for Corfu’s best youth band securing second place, and earning recognition as “Artist of the Day” on Menta 88 radio. Alexis is also a three-time scholarship recipient from the Ionian Conservatory in Acharavi, has graduated with a ‘’Jazz Guitar’’ diploma in the conservatory Philippos Nakas, and traveled to Sevilla, Spain, to study Flamenco guitar. Last but not least Alexis represented Corfu at the Island innovation summit 2021.

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